TRAVELtour Tibet

Tibet is a fun place to be if you are planning on tour very soon. The landscape in the Himalayas with towering peaks and a sight of the tallest mountain in the world- The Mount Everest is an attraction that can only be explained by former visitors to this autonomous territory in china.

People from all over the world often visit this culturally inclined and beautiful site for its similar climate and seasons just like in Europe and America. If you are going to visit for the very first time, you would want to know how to maximize the different seasons and how it affects your tours for more satisfaction. Yes, you get to enjoy every time you visit Tibet but you can have more in every season when you prepare consciously for it.

Is there any best time to tour Tibet?

Maybe NO and YES! Every time you visit can be the best time for you. To put it this way, aside the impacts of every season on the landscape, the culture, festivals and general lifestyle of Tibetans adds colorful appeal to the atmosphere in Tibet. You would fancy the food, music, the dance, and displays by the indigenous people of the territory. It is such loving scenes to behold at various seasons.

There are yet those activities that make every season distinct and unique in their own way.

Summer and autumn are great seasons for everyone

If you ask me, I would say this is about the best time for me to visit Tibet. This is the fact that the weather is clear and not harsh at this time. By this time, you can visit many places around by trekking. You can easily access popular tourist sites like the lake Namtso and Mount Everest at this time. You can go to many places freely in summer and autumn.

Winter is cool for reduced cost ad festivals

Winter for its cold chilly weather experiences a low peak in visitors to Tibet. You enjoy discounts of all kinds during this period. From the ticketing to hotel bookings and others, are reduced to the low. If you are on a budget, this is a good time you can tour Tibet. The chill does not really take all the fun away as you have the concentration of the Tibet cultures and festivals at this period like the Tibetans religious pilgrimage and visiting the Jokhang temple.

Apart from the seasons of summer, autumn, and winter where there seem to be more activities in Tibet, spring is also a great time in Tibet though the rain may come pouring in. At this time, you can have enough freedom in movements on the green grass associated with the time. Trekking is enjoyable at this time.

No matter the time of the year you wish to visit Tibet, your tour operator is always at hand to serve as your guide on what to expect. They would serve you with all information you need and provide the adequate Tibet tour packages for a smooth journey.