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How is steel fabrication important?

Most metal staircases are made from either structural steel or stainless steel. These two metals are of the finest quality and provide great durability and versatility. Using structural steel in buildings and homes adds to the strength.

Not everyone is capable of fabricating structural steel. This process needs trained and experienced technicians who can transform raw components in to specialized items. Several pieces of steel are combined together to form different structures of predefined shapes and sizes. Fabricators use special machinery to weld and bend steel in order to convert it in to different patterns and shapes. This fabrication process involves cutting, bending, assembling and more. Leading fabricators use cutting-edge technology to gain proficiency, and laser-cutting devices to give a smooth-edge.

Steel Stair Fabrication

Stairs being an integral part of any construction project need to be strong to handle high-density traffic. Steel staircase offer this needed resilience and strength. They are also easy to maintain as they are resistant to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Their durability makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choosing a good professional metal stair fabricator, who can handle your scale of requirements, is key to getting the perfect balance between design, strength and cost for your stairs.

Steel spiral staircase follows a helical arc like the shape of a spring. They are most suitable for areas with limited space or compact spaces. This type of staircase offers aesthetics in addition to functionality. You will need fabricator to build your steel spiral staircase.

What to look for in a structural steel fabricator?


Training and experience are two things that any good steel structure fabricator must possess. Check the experience and track record of the company you plan to hire and if they are certified. Take quotes from multiple companies for comparison. Hire the one that can give you excellent quality work at best prices. You may also need to check the kind of projects they have handled in the past and do they have any experience in working on similar projects like yours in the past.

Quality and Resources

The company you choose for the best structural steelwork must have the skills and expertise to perfectly execute your custom metal project. If your project requires a high-end product you must look for a company that has the experience in manufacturing from different materials such as aluminum, mild steel and GRP along with stainless steel.

Hire the company that incorporates innovative technologies that guarantee precision fabrication. An innovative company is capable of developing solutions to specific solutions. The company should be able to ensure the best possible strength and appearance to the product for its final finish.

Always look for a reputable company like Triangle Ltd. for your fabrication needs. They have a team of skilled and experienced engineers and fabricators for designing, fabrication and installation.