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The introduction of cranes has facilitated the task of lifting heavy objects in all types of industries. Since the material to be lifted varies from industry to industry. Thus, the requirement for different types of cranes arises. Hence, manufacturers of the cranes have to bring forth portable cranes, semi gantry crane, chain pulley blocks, electric chain hoist, overhead EOT cranes, Jib crane, under slung crane, etc. It is important to choose the right type of crane for a particular work by analyzing the type of material to be lifted, convenience, required time and cost of operation.

Following are various types of cranes that are required in different types of industries:

  • Portable Jib cranes: These portable cranes are usually smaller, which eases the methodology of equipment handling. Moreover, the introduction of these has helped in saving a lot of time which was consumed by manpower for lifting the load. The portable cranes have allowed the electrical system to take over the entire operation. These can be shifted from one place to another as these cranes are very lightweight and easy to use.


  • Overhead EOT cranes: These cranes are reliable and safe for industrial applications. EOT cranes are available with single and double girders. The small production units and warehouses choose single girders whereas double girders are used in heavy weight lifting. These are highly efficient as they need low maintenance and ensure high uptime. EOT cranes are user friendly and can be customized according to its application.


  • Gantry crane: Gantry cranes are also known as Goliath cranes. Here, the crane moves on rails with the help of its support on the floor and not at a raised level. Thus, the cost of capital reduces as the requirement for building an elevation is eliminated. These cranes are available in a variety of designs such as rubber-tired gantry, semi gantry crane and full gantry cranes.


Goliath cranes are easily installable, sustainable and safe. These come in compact sizes and low weight. It provides high efficiency, which helps in cost saving. Moreover, the modular design can be used in many operations.

  • Under slung crane: The situations where headroom is limited, and the crane can be supported only from the top beam, underslung crane is the solution. It is used for light material handling needs and are hung under the runway beams, thus, called under slung cranes. Durable and sturdy design of the crane can bear high load with long service life. Underslung cranes require careful handling as the load of the wheel is exerted on the lower flange of the runway beam.


  • Chain pulley blocks: The portable chain pulley blocks are easy to handle, lightweight, tough, sturdy, high in safety, durable and reliable. These have strong, safe hooks, thick steel gear case, reinforced hand wheel cover, highly accurate and durable gears, double pawl spring mechanism and other salient features to ensure safety by all means.

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