TECHAdvantages of Hot Desking

The traditional way of doing business is changing and that includes how businesses keep office space. Individual partitioned workspace is now counterproductive. The new generation of workers are no longer impressed by individual spaces, they need social interaction and flexibility advantages of hot desking. In order to retain employees businesses are now affording them the freedom to work wherever they are.

What is Hot Desking?

According to Business First hot desking involves one or more employees having no set of workspace to call their own either for a set amount of time or permanently and instead set up camp at an empty desk. Companies can create a shared office desk environment where employees can use the desks as and when needed or they can hire desks from hot-desking office space providers. This way of working was introduced in the late 1980s and early 990s but the technology to support it was not well developed then…

Who Needs Hot Desking?

• Virtual consultants
Working from home can be challenging. Disruptions are everywhere. Hot desking can provide you with a desk space so you can focus only on work.

• Remote Workers
Some positions do not require that the employee report to the office every day. Office buildings can be designed or re-designed in such a way that employees can only come to the office only when there is a need. The latest technology of mobile phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi makes it possible for employees to work anywhere anytime.

• Office Bound Employees
By removing individual offices or partitions and introducing a more open desk hopping environment, these employees can also have the flexibility to work at any desk or department.

What Are The Advantages of Hot Desking?

1. Improved Communication – Hot desking makes communication with other team members or business people of different backgrounds easy. It encourages sharing of opinions, future projects, builds business friendships and helps employees come up with new innovative ideas to improve business.

2. Relations – Social interaction is important even at work. Employees can build relationships with their team members and employees from other departments effectively in a hot-desking environment. Working from home can also be isolating and hot desking provide virtual assistants with excellent networking opportunities.

3. Flexibility – With hot desking people are not tied to a specific desk but can work from anywhere. Given the flexibility to come and go when needed gives employees some contentment and improves productivity.

4. Costs Reduction – Hot desking means fewer desks or no partitioning which leads to a reduction in office space and the cost related to rental. Most companies that offer hot desking services also include the use of office address which means the consultant can use physical business address without the cost of owning a business building.

If you would like to keep your employees motivated and improve business productivity and network opportunities you can no longer dismiss the need to introduce hot desking in your business.