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The future of your UAE business depends on the strategic financial decisions you make now. With the global pandemic changing how companies operate worldwide, you have to develop a resilient financial plan to achieve your business goals. Before choosing corporate pro services in Dubai, you have to ask the following questions to choose the right financial advisor:

Are you licensed?

Every business operating in UAE has to obtain an appropriate license to run the operations inside the country. You should choose the pro services UAE provider with the correct corporate accounting and bookkeeping, auditing, and financial consulting license. To avoid scammers, always ask for license information, and legitimate companies won’t hesitate to share this information.

Are you qualified?

When you pay for pro services in Abu Dhabi, you expect only financial professionals to work with your corporation. It would be best to always work with a financial partner employing educated and experienced finance professionals. It is best to have a finance manager assigned to your company so that you don’t have to reiterate your company’s finance information repeatedly whenever you need financial advice.

Do you have a good reputation?

The financial service provider may promise you many things, but all assurances will go down the drain if you end up with a defrauder. Always ensure that your corporate pro services Dubai partner has a good reputation, and they should have experience helping corporate companies in both mainland Dubai and the free zone. The regulations for offshore companies in mainland and free zone differ significantly, and only honest partners can add value to your business.

What is your pricing plan?

Financial advice isn’t free. While some corporate finance consultants may offer free consultancy to receive service quotes, don’t trust the company that provides a free service. Professional and expert financial advice isn’t cheap, but the price quoted should be affordable for your business. You can hire individual auditing services or ongoing monthly bookkeeping and accounting services. When you scale up your business, it is best to have a financial consultant on board to make better financial decisions.

What is your corporate advisory process?

The financial company providing corporate pro services in Dubai should have an advisory process to help the clients in the right way. The first step is understanding your business objectives and goals, and the next step is to evaluate your financial condition by reviewing all financial statements and accounts. The professional advisor should also research your target market to help you make better corporate decisions. Then the consultant should provide you with a detailed report on improving your company’s finances. They should be willing to take your feedback at every stage of the process to devise a financial plan that correlates with your business objectives. After giving you the report, the advisor should sit with the company management to create an operational, financial plan to achieve the financial goals.