Flowers are like the icing on the cake for any event as they light up the environment with their presence. They help add color and life to an occasion. We use flowers to express emotions that we usually can’t put into words. And when it comes to condolence and honoring the deceased, flowers are a way to show our feelings and sympathy to the bereaved.

However, which type of flower arrangements should be sent or deciding on the best condolence wreaths can confuse the situation. Choosing the flowers or arrangements would be best according to the bond you share with the deceased person. You can always consult the professionals online or offline, but if you want to send funeral flower arrangements to a funeral, reading the following factors can help in making the right decision.

Your relation with the deceased

The most significant factor you need to take care of while searching for the best flower arrangements is your relationship with the deceased. The intensity of your relationship with the deceased determines what type of funeral flower arrangement you should buy. For example, family members can give the biggest flowers for the funeral service and even send them in large heart-shaped boxes. Other than that, friends and colleagues can give smaller flower arrangements and choose to provide small to medium-sized plants or flower baskets.

Type of service

Before choosing the best flower arrangements or contacting a 24 hours wreath delivery service provider, get to know the type of service. Remember that memorial and funeral services are different from each other and require different kinds of flowers. For example, sending funeral flowers, flower baskets, and green plants is the right option if you’re about to attend a cremation service without a burial. On the other hand, at a burial service, you must take the flowers with a flower stand or a centerpiece that you’ll leave at the cemetery. Hence, you should read the funeral service invitation carefully and choose the flowers carefully.


Consider the nature and tone of the funeral service before choosing your funeral flower arrangement. For example, is it a traditional or a unique celebration of the deceased’s life? Sometimes, it is especially announced that you must avoid classic white lilies or red roses or include flowers that represent the deceased. For example, sending a sunflower arrangement would be a better option if the deceased person had a bright personality.


Not all religions appreciate following or appreciate flower arrangements at funerals. So, before ordering or sending one, you have to make sure that the religious person was deceased or not.


So, if you’re planning to send funeral flowers to the deceased’s family, considering these factors would be a huge help. “Peaceful Wreaths” is a well-reputed florist that provides funeral flower arrangements and wreaths in Singapore. Giving them the responsibility of sending flowers means the product will get delivered on time and in the best possible condition. In addition, they understand what it feels like to give a tribute to someone, which helps them to create the perfect gift to represent a person’s gratitude towards the deceased.