Photo sessions can turn out to be really weird if you don’t know how to pose or even how to groom yourself for one of these photo sessions that would make you look good in pictures and help you have good memories. Below are some handy tips that we have wound up in 10 different points covering each grooming area. Before we proceed to the tips, one thing that is really important for you to understand is that the camera of the photographer takes up tiny details of your hair and makeup, so be sure to have these things on mind.

10 Grooming Tips

1. Less is usually more

You certainly don’t want to have the entire artificial look on your face with more than the required makeup. The perfection can be achieved by highlighting your good features and downplaying any appearance issues that you think might not look good in pictures.

2. Beware of makeup problem s

One of the most problematic areas in makeup is the mascara or the liner being smudged. It is always better to keep a q-tip with you so that you can use with a bit of lotion to get rid of it. Another problem could be of the lipstick. As a matter of fact, it is always better to touch it up right before the pictures take place.

3. Hair – beware!

Your hair should look natural and should have a movement. This means that you do not have to overuse hairspray and make them stiff.

4. Professional makeup application

If you want to look absolutely stunning, it is a good idea to take services of a professional makeup and hairdo expert.

5. Pay attention to your hands

Your fingers should be properly filed and the nail color shouldn’t be chipped off. Also, be sure you are wearing your heels or any other shoes because you don’t want to appear barefeet in the pictures.

6. Dry and flaky or oily and shiny skin

Use lotion if you have dry skin and keep a blotting paper with you if you have oily skin.

7. Don’t stress over acne or blemishes

Don’t use a lot of makeup to cover your acne or blemishes. Be natural with that and usually, photographers are expert in reducing the impact of it appearing on your face in the pictures.

8. Inspect for unwanted hair

Keep trimmers handy, so if you see any unwanted hair on your nostrils, neck, ear or any other area, you can always get rid of it on time.

9. Temporary cosmetic problems

You should solve your cosmetic problems before having the photo shoot done.

10. Permanent cosmetic problems

Scars or any permanent problem can be dealt with in the pictures by talking to the photographer.

10 Clothing Tips

1. Comfort

Wear what makes your feel confident.

2. Show your style

Wear what defines you.

3. Plain and dark

Patterns and designs are a big no.

4. Long vs. short

Don’t show too much skin if you know it is tanned.

5. Quantity

Don’t go for too many changes of outfits.

6. Whites

For some backgrounds, you may also want to wear white that will make you stand out.

7. Props

If you have any special hobby, keep it as your prop.

8. Consider location

Your clothes should fit and sync in with the venue of the photo session.

9. Timeless vs. trendy

Wear only those additional accessories that are classic and are not time bound so that they don’t look weird when you look at the picture after years.

10. Extras for kids’ portraits

Make it a fun photo session and have your kids hold their favorite toys or whatever they like.