HEALTHAlcohol Assessment

Whenever you receive an alcohol-related offense, an Alcohol Assessment Test might be recommended. It usually involves both in-person interviews and physical drug screening. Your counselor may suggest rehabilitation or therapy for a couple of weeks or more than one year that has been based on the assessment results. If you would like to increase the chance of being able to pass the evaluation, you should stop using all drugs and drinking as soon as possible.

How to Pass the Substance Test

  • Stop Using All DrugsBefore an Evaluation For At Least 2 Weeks: If your evaluation is for alcohol abuse then you might be tested for other drugs also. It is really decisive to go into the test completely clean. The majority of consuming drugs will take to leave your system in two weeks. Hence, some others like depressants and marijuana that take longer to leave your system when they are used often. It is best to recommend stopping the use of any drug as soon as your assessment has been ordered.
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol for One Full Day before an Assessment: It is better as earlier you stop drinking. Minimum to stop drinking all alcohol at least for 12 hours before the Alcohol Evaluation to give it time to be eliminated from your system.
  • Avoid Detoxing at Home from Use of Heavy Alcohol: If you think that detoxing from alcohol is effective and works well, it is better to seek out professionals as they will help you to guide you through the whole process. Perhaps detoxing at home is unsuccessful and could even be dangerous for you. If stopping drinking leads to any physical symptoms it might be chemically dependent on the alcohol. You might need to get professionals that help you before you can pass an assessment.
  • Don’t Consume Anything That Causes a Result Positive: Decongestants and poppy seeds can commonly create false positives. In order to play it safe, try to avoid consuming those things for a couple of days before an assessment. It is a good idea to take written documentation for any medications with you. If you think the results are false then ask for a second opinion.

How to Make a Good Impression

  • Stop drinking as soon as possible.
  • Show up assessment on time.
  • Gather up important documents prior to the assessment.
  • Be respectful to everyone you interact with at assessment.

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