BUSINESSTravelling Trolley

Cranes and travelling trolleys are used in a wide variety of application in numerous industries. Factories, warehouses, assembly lines all use trolleys often supported by cranes to pick up loads and transfer them to other points on the field. Depending on the type of trolley and crane, they can effectively be used for small indoor spaces as well as large outdoor areas.

Here are a few tips for identifying the kind of travelling trolley or overhead crane that you might require so that you can ensure efficient usage of either.

Travelling trolleys

Travelling trolleys are broadly categorized into two types:

  1. Manual Travelling Trolleys: These are meant to travel along beams and joists. It’s important to choose the travelling trolley according to the width of the beam, how heavy the loads are likely to be and how far they have to travel. Push-pull manual travelling trolleys are meant for lighter loads as they can only travel horizontally on flat or tapered beams. They can easily support chain blocks with top hooks or a lug-mounted suspension. When heavier loads need to be placed accurately geared travelling trolleys are an ideal choice. When a hand chain is pulled, it acts on a sprocket that gears the wheels to move, making the trolley move in the reverse direction.
  2. Electric Travelling Trolleys: These travelling trolleys are very effective in lifting very heavy loads of more than 1000kg and moving them across large distances. They are mostly used outdoors where large loads need to be picked and transported frequently.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes or overhead bridge cranes are often used to pick up or lower very heavy loads and move them across the floor or above machines, but usually in a horizontal or lateral movement only. A drum equipped on the crane winds the chain sprocket or rope which supports the load chain.

Electric Overhead Travel Crane is often seen in industry or factory applications for example, at steel yards, paper mills or automotive repair shops. The hoist is mounted on a travelling bridge that maintains the parallel between the runways. Just as with trolleys, it is imperative that you get the right guidance on choosing appropriate overhead cranes according to your requirements so that you do not end up with an uninformed purchase.

Generally, two kinds of EOTs are seen:

  1. EOT Cranes with Single Girder: These overhead cranes have only one bridge and are generally much lighter than those with double girders. For this reason, precisely, they can be used in lighter industrial applications.
  2. EOT Cranes with Double Girder: These travel cranes have two girders or bridges to support them, making them more robust and suited to carry heavy-duty items. Since these are more frequently used overhead cranes with double girders are manufactured with better utilitarian features and aesthetics than those with a single bridge.

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