BUSINESSMobile Advertising

One main purpose of advertising is to raise and spread awareness about an entity that could likely be a product, a service or an ideology. Mobile advertising, a remarkable form of marketing communication that carries out advertisement service using mobile devices, keeps on going on the rise in the marketing realm. Such market with such a rapid and continuous improvement is taking steady steps towards a brilliant future.

Mobile advertising or online advertising?

Mobile advertising is most often thought of as an analogous form of online advertising. However, several reasons prove that mobile advertising is rationally more beneficial when compared to other forms of advertising, including online advertising itself. First of all, mobile phones are core components of the modern consumers’ life. The amount of active smart phones today is way higher than that of active personal computers. This fact only proves that mobile advertisements are capable of reaching out to more customers than traditional online advertising.

Mobile advertising gluttony

Nowadays, every mobile phone user knows that avoiding commercial ads and promotions is almost unattainable and how omnipresent mobile advertising has become. It has been recorded that marketers have spent on desktop advertising somewhat just above one billion dollars than that spent on mobile advertising. Only those born with no eyes wouldn’t realize that marketers today do not only take up the “App Model” seriously, but they also seek a new era of global correspondence and a higher reach to their customers on the small screen. Taking that into account, statisticians claim that mobile advertising budgets are expected to be double those of desktop advertising within the following. Another advantage of mobile advertising is mobile location data which could bring about great behavioral perceptivity about consumers. In addition, mobile data can reveal real-time and relevant proximity based insights to mobile users with the aid of historical and current data.

Location-based mobile information

Location based mobile information gives organizations the opportunity to identify and cultivate the habits of their audience. Some information such as shopping or eating habits of a consumer could be used to target them with the correct promotional advertisements when they are close to one of their stores. Owing to the fact that this could provide multiple opportunities for organizations, leading brands have already adopted location based mobile advertising over a wide range. Popularity of location based mobile advertising has merely grown up for the reason that it leaves many doors open to acquire new customers on a daily basis.

To sum up, it can be stated that mobile advertising industry is not only growing rapidly, it is literally “on fire”. Moreover, mobile advertising is reportedly going to take over the field of various digital advertisements. When these facts are put altogether, one can easily conclude that the future is certainly awaiting a big and great leap in marketing industry with the mobile marketing coming ahead. These benefits of mobile advertising have been looked out to by marketers and advertisers which had them lined up in the time being in order to comprise the power of mobile marketing into their list of strategies.