TECHBusiness cards

Business cards are an essential element in the business industry and it is not uncommon to find maybe 90% of businesses in any given area have business cards. The remaining 10% probably haven’t initiated them yet.  Their main objective is to familiarize a fellow individual who had no idea or rather was unfamiliar with your business on your detail and most importantly, contact details.  Adelaide caters for a variety of printing companies that offer their business card designing services to the city and Australia in general. Printing companies from Adelaide bestow their customers with numerous services solely meant for the customers. Such services include;

  • Business card printing
  • Graphic design
  • Brochure and catalogue printing
  • Offset printing
  • Account management
  • Poster and plan printing
  • Business stationery printing
  • Photocopying and much more

Not only this, business card designs, Adelaide-based are of many types including the very well-known executive cards and professional cards.

Different business card design Adelaide centered

Executive cards

The executive business card is a state of the art card that targets those big organizations and is available in unique and remarkable appearances. Most of the executive cards encompass a sleek design with heavy metallic ink and a fantastic finish. They portray a high quality print and seem thicker than the regular ones.

Professional card (PVC)

This business card is commonly used for all purposes probably due to their high quality prints and vast finishes. Coating and laminating lengthen the durability of the card. The card is also efficient for writing added information on the back. Although their design is somewhat appealing and sometimes lustrous, they are available in a very affordable price.

Bonded business card (BVC)

The BVC I a full color card printed on a slightly thick card. Its use is quite relative and also goes for a reasonable price. It is similar to the SVC card in terms of color and thickness.


Die cut and shapes

This is one great business card that turns out to be very flexible. It can be designed in many different shapes from rounded corners to chipped designs with up to 20 distinct choices. Of course optional lamination increases the durability of the card.

Xtra Value Cards (XVC)

This card is all-round card with a variety of uses. They are easy to acquire and can be manipulated to serve many different purposes. It is printed in a high quality print and includes an array of different finishes.

Textured cards (TVC)

The TVC is a card with a delicate texture that is convivial to touch owing to the high class digital printing. They are a very unique type and can really help you stand out.

Plastic cards (PWC)

These cards are 100% recycle-able and hence provide an Eco-friendly business touch. They can be printed either on one or both sides and can come in quite handy.

Business card sticker

It is a bright colored card with a lustrous finish with a split back that enables someone to stick it onto a surface. They are a unique type and are printed in full color.

Business card designs Adelaide based are plenty and even better come with free delivery in most cases.