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Super Visa online quotes have made it very easy for applicants of Super Visas to purchase insurance policies with ease. For those who do not know what a super visa is, this is an immigration document issued to blood relatives of Canadian citizens who wish to visit the country. Before the Canadian authorities commenced the issuance of this document, relatives had to go through the cumbersome process of applying for visiting visas just like nationals of other countries. With the new legislation, relatives can apply for this special visa to enable them enter the country

Differences between a Super Visa and a Visitor Visa

Any traveller hoping to enter Canadian territory with the exception of Us citizens under special arrangements require a Visa. However, a Super Visa is slightly different from a visiting visa based on expiration dates. A Super Visa lasts for two years and once it is approved, holders can revisit the country without applying for a fresh visa. A holder of a visitor’s visa on the other hand will have to reapply for a new one and it lasts for just six months.

Insurance Requirement

One of the basic requirements for applying for a Super Visa among other things is an active insurance policy issued by a licensed Canadian insurance company. When submitting a Super visa application form, the insurance certificate is one of the documents demanded by Canadian embassies all over the world. The insurance policy has to be active and must provide financial cover of at least $100,000. The policy provides the holder financial medical cover in case he or she falls ill while in the country. This policy had to be put in place to relieve Canadian citizens of the burden of bearing the medical cost of providing healthcare to visitors. Super Visa insurance Canada is issued by insurance companies and they can be bought online.

Super Visa Insurance Quote

Many companies market their policies online, all providing varying degrees of cover to holders. To decide on a good super visa insurance to buy, you can go online to peruse the various Super visa insurance Canada policies up for sale by the various insurance companies. Comparing quotes will help you choose a policy that you are satisfied with. Once you decide on the insurance company you are going with, log onto their website to fill the application form with all the information required of you. After you are sure that you’ve filled all the columns appropriately, submit it along with the premium charges.

Refundable Premiums

Since an insurance certificate is one of the insurance application requirements for obtaining a Super Visa, it is possible for applicants to be turned down by Canadian foreign missions abroad. In such a case, you can demand a refund from the insurance company whose policy you purchased and the fee will be returned back to you. You can search for Super Visa online quotes of Canadian insurance companies. The process is easy and within a few minutes you will be done.