As you begin to play soccer on a professional level or even if you’re just a die-hard fan of the sport, a soccer jersey is something that helps you in expressing your love. You can buy a jersey of your favorite club or buy a jersey of the national team. Each soccer jersey is unique in its own way and has names, numbers, and colors that help you look different from other players on the field. For example, if you’re an American, you can buy a USA soccer jersey to express your love for the sport and the nation as well. However, some people really have no idea of taking care of their soccer jersey and if you’re one of them, take a look at the laundering tips mentioned below.

Wash the jersey inside out

It’s important to remember that while you may be a fan of the team and have had their jersey your whole life.  A very common mistake that people do while washing their jersey is not turning their jersey inside out while washing it with other clothes.  That way, they risk potentially fading the jersey by rubbing against other fabrics with worn or missing threads. Turning your soccer jersey inside out before placing it in the washer can prevent this from happening.

Take out the jersey from the machine as quickly as possible

When you’re done with washing your jersey, remove it from the washing machine immediately and turn them right side out. It avoids the transfer of crest or lettering to other items in the machine. Also, the other way to avoid creases and prevent permanent damage for embellishments like numbers, names, and such is to not let the jersey sit crumpled in a heap in the washer because it could stretch out of shape.

Always wash the jersey in cold water

It is suggested that you must wash your soccer jersey in cold water. We understand that it’s cold out there and you’re planning to wash your jersey in warm water but doing that can damage its colors. It also causes embellishments to crack and detach from the jersey which will make it lose its uniqueness.

Air-dry the jersey

Washing machines come with excellent dryers but it is suggested that you should never keep your soccer jersey in them. Dryers are rough and they can cause unnecessary damage to your jersey. Your jersey might get shrunk, the fabric can damage, and it can also lose its color if you wash it in warm water. So, it is suggested that you should wash your jersey in cold water and hang it on wooden or plastic hangers till it gets dry.

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