During the time of pandemic, our health system is often accused of milking public with unnecessary tests and prescription of medicines. Old age people are afraid of stepping out of home due to fear of getting infected. However technology is playing a great role in the lives of old age people by offering new features which can help old age people stay home and avail all the necessary services.

Indians have always considered caring for the elders a priority. With technology advancement, even the seniors’ care is also made easier in the areas where it is applicable to help them or help their caregivers.

The medical care system has turned towards technology and introduced the online services of the doctors and pharmacies, etc. Senior citizens are a great beneficiary of the new technology.

Having a one-stop platform that offers all kinds of senior care services and products for purchase is not only the need of the hour but also a necessity towards an independent life for the senior citizens.

Facilitates at-home care

The online health care system and the online pharmacies have helped with the opportunity for at-home nursing care for elderly people. They can still be in the comfort of their home and get all or most of the services through this system.

The elders themselves can book an online appointment with the doctor, either through the specific mobile app or over the phone. They can get the consultation online, and the doctor could provide an online prescription for the medications if needed.

It is easier to upload this online prescription to the relevant smartphone app or the online pharmacy’s website to order the medication, quickly pay for it, and conveniently get it delivered at home.

While it took more than half a day to travel, consult, get the care and come back home, now all such elderly health care services happen within a span of a few minutes or hardly less than an hour.

Smartphones are saviors

These days, the health care services for the elderly are not confined to the medical field but also involve the grocery shops, supermarkets, and the local pharmacies. All of their services are available readily for anyone, especially the senior citizens.

All they need to do is make a call or send a message to get their services. Thanks to the smartphone services, sending messages or placing orders have become much easier.

Smartphones keep the seniors connected with their loved ones through various video calling apps. Such technology has managed to keep everyone closer than ever, even when they are physically distant. Since the lockdown, most of the seniors have adopted these services to keep in touch with their loved ones.

It is not easy to convince everyone to rely on such technology. Since smartphones are available to almost everyone, it would only be a matter of teaching the concerned seniors how to use it. Nowadays, there are several service platforms for the aged and elderly such as Seniors First ( They can get help with anything that is related to their health or convenience.