A cataract is a condition in which the eyes of a patient become cloudy or opaque; owing to this, the patient can’t see clearly. In some cases, cataracts can even make the patient entirely blind. Fortunately, this disease can be treated by replacing natural eye lenses with artificial ones via surgery. In this article, we will look at the difference between laser cataract surgery and traditional cataract surgery, and which one is better. So, let’s get started.

Laser vs. Traditional Cataract Surgery

When a person plans to have cataract surgery, he has two surgical options, laser cataract surgery and traditional one which is undoubtedly safe as well as effective. On the other hand, most insurance companies do not provide coverage for laser cataract surgery. It is a more expensive treatment option than the traditional one, but it can provide you with some advantages in some specific situations. So, what do you think which surgery method is more suitable for you? Well, it might be pretty challenging for most people to decide which cataract surgery method is better for them.

The best way to know which cataract surgery method is suitable for you is to ask your ophthalmologist because experts know better. However, feel free to contact another eye surgeon and ask for his opinion. You can easily find several qualified and experienced eye surgeons in Arizona Cataract Surgery.

Laser Cataract Surgery

To perform laser cataract surgery, a camera or ultrasound device is placed over the eyes of the cataract patients to map the surface of the eyes; it even helps to gather information about the eye lenses. All the information is transferred from the device to a computer to program the laser. It provides all the necessary details to the laser device, such as the exact location, depth, and size of incisions. Now an ultrasound probe is used to break the eye lens into pieces and extract them out. Once the cataract is removed from the eyes of the patient, the IOL is put in the eye. Many cataract clinics are there in Arizona, so you should consult with a few of them before choosing one for your cataract surgery, and don’t forget to ask about the treatment cost.

Traditional Cataract Surgery

Phacoemulsification is the traditional cataract surgery method in which a small incision is created in the cornea of a cataract patient with the help of a scalpel, now the surgeon inserts a small instrument via this opening. The instrument is placed behind the pupil to create a round opening in the capsule where the eye’s lens sits. After that, a pen-shaped probe is inserted to apply sound waves and break the cloudy lens. Now the broken pieces of the lens are extracted and replaced with an artificial lens.

The incision usually doesn’t require stitches and is self-sealing.


Well, both cataract surgery methods are pretty effective and have the same recovery time. However, the laser cataract surgery method has some advantages, such as it makes precise incisions in less time, it enhances the accuracy and consistency, and it can provide better correction than the traditional method as it’s done by hand.

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