LIFESTYLEProfessional Makeup Artist

Did you ever want to become a makeup artist? Now there are online makeup courses that you can join to become a makeup artist. There are celebrity makeup artists who will teach you techniques that are amazing, and will help you to start a successful career as a makeup artist. You will be able to learn everything that you need from the basics to the advanced stage.

Makeup classes are taught in beauty schools and colleges that have cosmetology as a subject. The classes can help students get jobs in spas or in films and on television sets. Students who learn to be makeup artists have private clients for consultations or may work in theatre settings, film settings or television or photography sets.

What is taught in Makeup Classes?

In makeup classes students are taught skin tones, colors, techniques of applying makeup, brow shaping, styling, lip and cheek outlining. Makeup artists get an opportunity to practice cosmetic applications on the eyes, cheeks, lips and skin. They learn the appropriate makeup for daily use, special occasions, digital photography and high fashion print.

Students who enroll for makeup courses learn to use foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner mascara, lip liner and lipstick. The demonstration in the classroom helps to focus on the shape of the face, color, skin tone, style of application and cosmetic trends. After completing a course in makeup the student can learn hair styling where the student will get a chance to handle hair styling tools like hot rollers, blow dryers as well as irons and to use them for preparing contemporary hair styles.

Different Makeup Courses

There are different types of courses that students can learn to help in proper grooming which include airbrushing course, stage makeup course and special effects makeup course. In airbrushing course the students get an opportunity to use airbrushing techniques on body and face. Skills in airbrushing include tanning and makeup applications and coloring prosthetics to be used in film and special effects.

Stage makeup course helps in using makeup for film, television, and theatre. In stage makeup courses students work with directors and learn how to use makeup under theatrical lighting, videos and film. The students learn to create injuries, abrasions and bruisers using makeup.

Special effect makeup is learnt in both classroom and lab setting. Students are taught to use cosmetic applications on the face and body for prosthetic painting, casting and sculpting.

Online Makeup Artist Course

Online makeup artist course helps you to learn to apply makeup in a professional way for any occasion. Once you have joined for the course you can start trying out the makeup by downloading the full handbook of the makeup artist. The handbook has 77 training videos which provide you step by step demonstration.

Once you have joined for the makeup artist course you can complete the course at your own pace. After you have learned the whole course you can upload 5 looks with bridal makeup and 5 celebrity makeup. The makeup artists will go through the photos you have uploaded and provide you with feedback before issuing you a certificate.