EDUCATIONHow Impact Investing is Changing the World

Changes do not occur overnight and for a change to be possible, there has to be a driving agent propelling a vision which will bring about a mild or radical shift. The world we live in is an ever-changing society leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Adaptable societies are those who are able to identify problems and create solutions using the skills and resources of people in the community. Impact investing Australia is a vital piece in the puzzle as far as community development is concerned.

In past times, different communities used to look up to the government to solve every single problem in sight but over the years, many have come to the painful but sincere realisation that the authorities cannot deal with the mounting problems of society at the same time. Throw in the dwindling economical fortunes of many countries and you will begin to see the importance of social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

What is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is a social ideology that opines that every social activity has a positive or negative impact on the society to a certain degree. So progressive entrepreneurs need to think beyond the desire for personal profit when embarking on any economical pursuit. Successful communities lead to successful businesses and for the society to succeed, every individual must begin to act as a part of the solution. To help drive this agenda of social change, entrepreneurs are trained at impact academies where they acquire the skills to be problem solvers and not problem creators. Impact investing has transformed society since they were first introduced to the social nomenclature of world economies.

The Real Impacts of Impact Investing

Social awareness: Communities have now become more socially aware of their physical space and harmful practices like environmental degradation that may be ruining their communities.

Reduction in social cost: Every problem has a negative impact on a cross section of society and in most cases, problems are interlinked. Smaller problems need to bigger one and everyone bears the social cost of the existing problems. As people become more aware of and learn more about their roles and responsibilities by attending impact academy programs, they will abhor harmful activities and encourage socially positive ones.

Successful businesses: Businesses that design products and services that bring about public good have become more successful in their operating environments. A reduction or complete elimination of negative economic activities will have a positive impact on their communities. Rating business success beyond the appropriation of profit has become the new normal in the global economic space. With impact investing Australia programs, companies and businesses have become more socially responsible and their CSR activities have increased over the years.

Impact investing Australia is a great medium to motivate, educate and inspire communities in so many ways. The effect it has on societies cannot be summarized in a few thousand words but what is certain is that any society that desires an improvement in social infrastructure and living standards must begin to look inwards for ways to solve problems at minimal costs.