What Are Bitters?

Bitters have been used for many years, as far back as the ancient Egyptians who were said to have added medicinal herbs to wine. Traditionally in modern times, they have been composed of organic materials, such as aromatic herbs, roots, bark and fruit infused in alcohol. Some of our modern day bitters originated as a medicinal remedy. Characteristically the flavor has been a bitter, sour or bittersweet taste. Hence the name, bitters.

But have you tried a new twist on the ancient bitter? They are herbal cocktail bitters. Flowers, roots, bark, and leaves of certain herbs and plants have been infused in alcohol. The six flavors are remarkable. But that is not all, they have medicinal properties too. Besides, they make the best cocktail bitters.

  1. Golden – Aromatic Bitters

Mix turmeric, cardamom, sassafras and cinnamon to achieve a delight earthy bitter, and enjoy many health benefits too. It has been touted as the ultimate health drink because so many positive results can be gained from this combination. They include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, regulation of cholesterol, reduction of blood sugar, reduction of blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health..

  1. Amores – Chocolate – Vanilla

Of course, the love potion includes chocolate but that is not all! Vanilla bean, milk thistle, cherry bark, grape and other botanicals are blended into a delicious flavor. What are the benefits? The concoction is a mood booster, an aphrodisiac, promotes relaxation and calming in addition to increasing the health of your liver.

  1. Sweet Riza – Orange – Licorice

Mix orange zest, licorice, anise, rose hips, yellow and other botanicals to achieve a refreshing taste. Licorice is an antiviral that promotes good digestion through its anti-inflammatory properties. Rose hips are full of vitamin C, anise calms the digestion and yellow dock fills the blood with its high iron content.

  1. Fire Tamer – Ginger – Citrus

For those who love ginger, here is another way of enjoying its flavor. Ginger is mixed with lemon, clove, fennel, barberry root and other botanicals, resulting in a distinctive taste. The health benefits of ginger are well documented and it is used for soothing queasy stomachs. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-microbial that guards against infections.

  1. Floral – Lavender – Wildflower 

A mixture of lavender and wildflowers provides a sweet but floral experience. If you enjoy the smell of lavender, you will be enthralled with Floral Bitters. The ingredients join forces to produce a calming effect, improving sleep while reducing anxiety and depression.

  1. Wildfire – Spicy Pepper 

And for those who like it hot, this bitter is a combination of peppers, green chile, lime and kefir lime leaves. Kaffir lime boosts the immune system, peppers help regulate insulin levels as well as limit the growth of cancer cells.

For other ideas about how to use these bitters to enhance your drinks as well as your health, search the internet. You will be surprised with how often you will use them to treat yourself or impress your guests.