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A gantry crane is a type of overhead cranes built over a framework of steel bars resting on the side supports “gantry”.  The size of this crane varies on its usage; they can be huge or “full’ to lift the very heavy items and can be small to lift various parts out of the vehicles. They are also called portal cranes due to the gap like entrance formed in between. The entire structure of a gantry crane is wheeled or railed, which makes them different from overhead cranes that are fixed to a particular place.

Types of gantry cranes

Full gantry crane

A full gantry crane stood on two supporting legs that move along fixed rails is the most common type of a gantry crane. They can move in a straight direction and are often seen in shipyards, where they are used to lift massive objects like ship engines with complex cable systems. These cranes are efficient and are capable of lifting heavy loads as the torque generated by lifting the load is reduced due to its structure.

Semi-gantry crane

A semi-gantry crane is designed on a single leg, and the other side of the crane is attached to the walls of a building or anything that provides support. These cranes are more spacey as having only one leg requires less room to operate. They are used for the same purpose as full gantry cranes but in industrial facilities with less room or confined spaces. A semi-gantry crane can also be connected below an existing overhead traveling crane.

Portable gantry crane

Portable gantry cranes are used to lift lighter items weighing less than 10 tons. As their name suggests, they are easily movable due to the presence of rubber wheels underneath them. While not in use, they can be stored anywhere in the facility due to their small size. These cranes are usually used for carrying items, moving lightweight machinery, and can be seen in fine art installation industries.

Adjustable Gantry Cranes

As simple as their name, these cranes are susceptible to being modified as per the requirement. They can be designed with variable height and span design. Their flexibility allows a user to adjust the beams too so that they can be moved freely in and out of a facility.

Advantages of using a gantry crane

  • These cranes can lift up to 840 tons and have a height span of about 140 meters.
  • They are known for their mobility. They can be modified as per the use and can easily displace the goods from a location to another quickly.
  • They are adaptable in an indoor facility as well as in an outdoor facility. They can be moved from one place to another as they are not fixed to a particular place.
  • These cranes have adjustable lifting height, so the user can position the load to a height preferred.
  • These cranes are cost-effective. Being cheaper than the mounted systems, these cranes can be used where lifting is not required on a regular basis.

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