Rockbank is a small township in Melbourne Australia where you can buy beautiful houses with attached land and make your home. You also have the facility of buying the land and choosing the design for your dream home so you can work with the builder to get your dream home to your specification. This helps you to know what you’re finished product will look. The opportunity to have a house of your choice instead of buying an existing house and doing the necessary changes is definitely to your advantage.

What are Homes and Land Packages?

Homes are places you can settle down with your family in beautiful settings at affordable rates. There are newly built homes besides houses in Rockbank , that are fully furnished in settings that are friendly, safe and secure. Homes are well located close to schools, market and with easy excess to transport. There are walking paths, parks and playgrounds where your children can play and maintain a healthy life style. Surrounding the bungalows is all nature as far as the eye can see.

Whether you are intending to settle down in Woodlea or Rockland, there are beautiful homes which are fully furnished that you can see and have your pick. In both the cases the houses are located close to schools, shops and with easy access to transport.

Homes in Rockbank

See the beautiful homes and land in northern and western parts of Melbourne where you can have a dream home of your choice. If you like you can pick one that is ready, or buy the land and get the builder to design one to your requirements. This will help you watch the building of your home as it comes up. These projects are built by builders with long years of building experience. The location of these land packages is close to schools, market and with easy access to transport.You can also get land and build your own dream house. The cost of the hand is around $149000 while you can get a fully furnished bungalow for $3,45,500.

There are bungalows available in 604 Bromely Circuit Rockbank Victoria 3335 which cost $3,81,500. This is bungalow with 3 bedrooms with open plan living. This bungalow has high ceiling which is 2590mm, tiled floor which is fully carpeted and panel garage with remote control. Besides other amenities like dishwasher, tiled shower bases and kitchen bench tops.

Homes in Woodlea

You can get fully furnished home in Woodlea which cost around $3,90,905.There are new packages available with the same builder where you can buy the land and then watch your house come up. All over northern and Western Melbourne there are ready bungalows and as well as land to build your house. These locations are close to schools, shops and with easy excess to transport. Homes are available in new estates as well as in old neighborhoods with all amenities.

If you are deciding to have your home in any of these surroundings you can call the builder and arrange to see the finished bungalows and then decide whether you like to design your dream home. The builder has 15 years of service in this field and is known to build quality homes.