Cranes have been designed for better working in various industrial fields. An EOT girder crane otherwise known as an Electric Overhead Travelling crane is widely used in power plants, power stations, transformer industry, process plants, cable industry, coal fields, engineering industry, cement plants, paper mills, steel mills, factory workshops and storage warehouses.

It consists of a lifting trolley, the main bean, an end carriage apart from the small electrical parts. Double girder cranes are available in a wide range of hoisting capacities and employed in varied applications as they are rugged in construction. The crane manufacturers in India hold the experience of designing cranes that function in numerous capacities.

Features of Industrial Cranes

An industrial crane is designed and manufactured to the precise needs of the customer. Its special features include:

  1. Lifting capacity up to 250 MT
  2. Crane construction with vertical load lifting
  3. Heavy-duty application construction
  4. Gears with precision-cut manufactured with hardened alloy steel material
  5. Ease of maintenance with a horizontal placement of gearbox
  6. Hydraulic thruster brakes that are foot mounted
  7. Speeds and lifts as per the specific application
  8. Long travel wheels
  9. Full-length platform
  10. Radio remote, pendent and cabin operation

The Functionality

Material handling cranes move on top of two bridge girders. These bridge girders are constructed from rolled plates, or standard rolled sections in case of smaller spans and capacities. A compact wire rope crane unit can help in a standard workshop loading, while the higher capacity material handling cranes are made from machined and fabricated rope drum that houses both right- and left-hand grooves, for a true vertical lift.

A flexible rope drum coupling is connected to an enclosed helical gearbox. A slip ring type or square induction type electric motor drives this gearbox. In the occurrence of a power failure, to prevent an accidental lowering of a load, the girder cranes are equipped with a DC brake or a fail-safe hydraulically operated thruster brake system.

Adhering Safety Standards

To prevent the falling of a load in case of one rope failure, an industrial crane can be created with a four-rope independent suspension. In case of failure of one hoisting motor, the gearbox of a girder crane can be supplied with two hoisting motors to achieve hoisting motion at 50% of the full speed capacity of the crane. This will also achieve opening and closing operations with a planetary gearbox that can be supplied with a 4-rope grab bucket too.

On the same material handling trolley, an auxiliary hoist can also be provided in addition to the main hoist. In case of a special application, two to three trolleys can operate on the same pair of bridge girders too. The brake unit and motor gearbox are coupled with wheel assemblies using live axels in case of a cross travel industrial crane unit. Loadmate is a well-established exporter and manufacturer of double girder and industrial cranes that find application in transporting and lifting loads over 10 tons for a span of over 30m.