BUSINESSE Waste Disposal

E Waste Disposal

San Jose in California is a modern place with modern facilities in the area. It is home to many business establishments and many people are coming to the place for leisure or for business.

With this, it is presumed that there are many electronic wastes in this area, considering the capability of the people to easily upgrade their electronic appliances.

What are considered Electronic Wastes?

Electronic wastes are those electronic appliances that are not used anymore. It does not necessarily mean that those electronic items are already damage, but, it is considered wastes, because the owner won’t use it anymore. It is because of the fast upgrade in technology and the buying capacity of the people. They easily change models and the old models, will just be thrown away. These so called e-waste, if not properly disposed will caused harm to the environment and maybe injury to the people.

Are there e-waste recycling facilities anywhere in the world?

Unfortunately, no. all governments in the whole world are mandated to provide themselves e-waste recycling facilities in their countries, to help eliminate pollution, but, sad to say, that in poorer countries, you won’t find those e-waste recycling facilities. In fact, the e-waste from the first world countries, are still being used by the people in the third world countries.

The benefits of having an e-waste facility in your area

Having an e-waste recycling center in your area will bring more benefit to the people. It will erase the hazards that it brings to the people. It will create employment opportunities to some and gives awareness to the local community about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Some of the electronic wastes that needs to be recycled

• Old TV sets

• Old personal computers

• Appliances such as components, Air conditioning units and many more

• Remote controls

• Electronic pianos and guitar

What are the services offered by these e-waste recycling facilities?

These facilities offer the following services:

• Collection of e-waste from business establishments. They usually leave garbage bins in the establishments and they will just schedule a pick up time for it.

• They provide drop point for the local residents to drop their e-waste in every community.

• They pick-up e-waste from business facilities prior to their moving out.

• They destroy and erase company records during the process.

These facilities offer a great relief to the community and the country as a whole. They contribute a lot, to the preservation of the environment.


In San Jose California, Evergreen e-waste recycling is helping you to eliminate the hazards that are brought by this garbage to your community. By giving your e-waste to them, you have help preserve our environment. You can contact then at You can find there the different services that they are offering. You can also schedule a pick-up in your company. Evergreen e-waste recycling is unique in their approach. That is why people love them and trusted their commitment to service.