ShoppingFootball Footwear

Football boots can either make or break your game, which is why you need to be very particular about buying the cleats or studs. Now, singling out one pair of football boots out of plenty of those enticing options is one of the difficult decisions. It’s not an easy task, especially if you’re someone who has just started playing football.

There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying a football boot such as the upper material, model number, surface type, and whatnot. All of these can induce a headache in no time, Therefore we have come up with a few factors you must take into account before you finally make a purchase for your next football boot.

There are plenty of studs available out there such as Mercurial Superfly, mercurial vapor, and much more, so how do you decide one for yourself? Without further ado, let’s have a look at 3 things you must consider before buying a football shoe.

Set Your Budget

Before you start getting carried away, you need to ponder a bit on your budget and decide how much you can actually spend on your football boots. Having a budget set in place will prevent you from being easily enticed by those appealing and expensive football boots out there, So make sure you are very particular about your budget before you head out in the market to buy the football boot.

Surface of Ground

Once you have set up a budget, you need to consider the surface on which you mostly play football.  Whether you’re buying Mercurial vapor, or any shoe like that it is one of the most critical factors to look at as you don’t want to put yourself at risk of injuries. Choosing a football boot that fits best to the surface you play on will help you make a strong grip on the ground without hassle.

  • If the ground usually stays dry, you can consider buying a firm ground football boot.
  • If the ground you mostly play on is muddy or wet, you should buy a soft-ground football boot.
  • If you play on artificial pitches such as 3g or 4g, consider buying an artificial ground football boot.


The material of your cleats/studs (football boots) can affect the comfort level, and comfort is extremely important. Leather is considered the most comfortable in the upper of the bottom. It has the ability to mold itself into the shape of your feet and provide more comfort and stability.

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