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The choice of “moving company” plays a vital role when you’re about to live in a new home or planning to shift your business somewhere else. When household items are mainly involved in a move and you have a family with you, the type of move is called a residential move.

On the other hand, if the items needed to be shipped are mainly office items like computers, desks, chairs, files, etc. then the move is called a commercial move. So, this was the basic difference, the factors mentioned below will give you a better view of the differences between commercial moving and residential moving in NY.

Ease of process

When it comes to simplicity, residential moves have a much easier process than commercial moves. The items involved in a residential move are less than that are involved in a commercial move. The only thing that makes a residential move complicated is the furniture items as they’re large and heavy. When it comes to a commercial move, the professionals of the moving company have to deal with large machinery items, desks, IT equipment, and several other delicate items that need proper care while being moved.

Time taken

The time taken to complete both of the moves depends on the urgency but a commercial move needs to be completed on time. It is a matter of your business and while it is being relocated, the process is on a halt. You can suffer loss if the process takes too long to complete. You can be at ease as you hire a residential mover in New York or anywhere else because you only have your family with you. On the other hand, a commercial move involves all of your employees and you even have to manage how they’re going to commute.

List of items

When you’re in the process of undertaking a commercial move, it’s important to make sure that everything is carefully accounted for so as not to misplace any valuable possessions. In most cases, a commercial move requires more than one truck in order to transport multiple items safely from one spot to another.

For commercial moves that include an office setting, warehouse or lab space, and even medical facilities, multiple moving trucks would typically be required because these locations tend to have a lot of heavy objects and other furniture that couldn’t feasibly be transported on foot alone.

Common household items such as kitchen appliances may be safe for transporting via car shuttle for example, but commercial shipments are typically too large or bulky since they require special handling procedures and should therefore be entrusted with professionals when being moved out. is a professional mover that provides commercial and residential moving services in Brooklyn. With over a decade of experience in the domain, they know how to handle all kinds of obstacles in a move. The services are fully insured and backed by 24/7 customer support so that you can experience a stress-free move.